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funded by the
European Commision

Leonardo da Vinci


The essential aim of the project consists in the generation of skills and the creation of the VET (Vocational Education & Training) Products and eVET Products (eLearning-based VET Products), including courses, curricula, guidance, Virtual Guide and procedures (Incubation, eIncubation, VLE – Virtual Learning Environment application) for the E&T (Education and Training) in the most essential and necessary Internet Generated Productive Occupations:
1.) Internet Online Services,
2.) eWork formed of the Internet based achievement and management of business, including eBusiness, and addressed to: unemployed people, including young unemployed people out of school, and disabled people with mobility impairments.

The essential aim of the project consists also in the creation of: the viable VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), for eLearning and also in the use of advanced procedures for VET, based on Incubation ( for training in Internet On-Line Services ) and for eVET based on eIncubation ( for training in Business Management and eBusiness ), All with the view to providing optimal conditions of training in Internet Generated Productive Occupations for the target groups.

This aim is based on 2 main pillars:
A.- The implementation of advanced eLearning environment, VLE, and procedures in the fields of eVET in Internet generated productive occupations.
This eLearning environment is achieved based on LT (Learning Technologies) with the use of Internet facilities and advanced, appropriate standards. The procedures include also the Incubation and eIncubation of Internet Generated Productive Occupations, with efficient results in the absorption of skills and the quick entry into the labour field.
B.- The generation of skills and the use of these skills within the above VLE for the generation of the VET and eVET products (courses, curricula, content, Virtual Guide, methodologies), for VET and eVET in Internet Generated Productive Occupations: Online Internet Services, Internet based Management and Achievement of Business including eBusiness.

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